Good Old KB Town | Photography

It's been three months and 10 days since my last 'Photography' post. What follows is a series of photos altered to look old timey and nostalgic, enjoy my photography! (Please do not save the photos and claim it as your own) Copyright 2016 aisyahzafirah. All right reserved.   Preset used: M4 on VSCO Copyright 2016 [...]


Captain America: Civil War (2016) | Movie Review

[WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] If you do not want to be spoiled at ALL, stop reading and back out. Hello blogosphere! I don't think that's a real word. Anywho, I've just watched Captain America: Civil War this past Sunday. It was the bomb. Before I start, I came into the film on #TeamIronMan. From the two full [...]

Dead Poet’s Society (1989) | Movie Review

I couldn't sleep one 12.20 a.m. this past night. After much thought and the inability to fall asleep after mild rigorous exercises, I decided to watch Dead Poet's Society, starring the late Robin Williams as English teacher, Mr. Keating. How do I describe Dead Poet's Society in 100 words or less? It's a breath of fresh air, [...]

Photography | Night Lights

Hola a todos! Since young, I have always been obsessed with the idea of amusement parks. They're full of fun times, thrilling vibes and everlasting moments just waiting to be reminisced in future conversations. And ever since I purchased my new lens, I've been dying to get some beautiful shots of the night lights at Jerudong [...]