Great Advice from ‘Childish’ Films | Thoughts

I've written this post but kept it in draft for a while because I wasn't completely on track with this but I think it's time to post inspirational quotes don't you? When I was younger, my siblings and I weren't allowed to watch teenage tv shows like That's So Raven or Even Stevens or even Lizzie … Continue reading Great Advice from ‘Childish’ Films | Thoughts


The Finest Hours (2016) | Movie Review

In film, you will find yourself relating to characters or empathizing with their situation in metaphors and symbolism. At times you applaud the way a film was directed, how the story was played out, how the characters bought you, the dialogue, the passion, the belief. But in most cases, when the screen fades into black, … Continue reading The Finest Hours (2016) | Movie Review

Life | Change

I don't know how to start this post. Whether I should start happy and progress to sad or the other way around. The title: Change. I'd like to take a precious moment of your time to talk about change, or at least, tell you about how much I've changed since staying in Singapore. I told … Continue reading Life | Change

Para Hoy | For Today

Back there - in Singapore - I would utilize my time. Utilizing it in the most productive sense is not what I meant. Utilizing as in, waking up at six in the morning only to realize I have about three more hours before class starts, so I decide to go to Harbourfront to take one … Continue reading Para Hoy | For Today

My First DSLR

As an aspiring journalist and blogger, I felt that as important as it is to practice writing on a daily basis and keep my mind wandering and as inspired as possible, I felt the need to invest in a good quality DSLR to complete the journalistic ambition. Over the past few weeks or so, I've … Continue reading My First DSLR

Turning Left

I haven't been going out a lot recently, mainly because I've been focusing on my one examination in Marketing. So, I haven't visited any new places yet. Today, my friend and I decided to eat at our favorite restaurant/cafe; I Am... Cafe, located at Haji Lane in Bugis. After we had our fill, I wanted to … Continue reading Turning Left