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Great Advice from ‘Childish’ Films | Thoughts

I’ve written this post but kept it in draft for a while because I wasn’t completely on track with this but I think it’s time to post inspirational quotes don’t you? When I was younger, my siblings and I weren’t allowed to watch teenage tv shows like That’s So Raven or Even Stevens or even Lizzie…… Continue reading Great Advice from ‘Childish’ Films | Thoughts

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The Finest Hours (2016) | Movie Review

In film, you will find yourself relating to characters or empathizing with their situation in metaphors and symbolism. At times you applaud the way a film was directed, how the story was played out, how the characters bought you, the dialogue, the passion, the belief. But in most cases, when the screen fades into black,…… Continue reading The Finest Hours (2016) | Movie Review