Liquid Lipstick Ready


From my latest blog post – and previous ones –  I’m sure you can already tell that I am a lipstickaholic. A crazed lipstick addict for traditional lipstick, lip creams, or the ever popular liquid lipstick – I love them all.

I believe lipstick is the most basic and necessary cosmetic any girl should own (if they’re interested in make-up that is). Because even when you don’t wear highlight and contours, eye shadow or mascara; lipstick will always be an effortless statement that screams your personality.

I use a lot of liquid lipstick. And I mean a lot.

It gets drying from time to time, and it sort of hurts when I wipe it off at the end of the day. And on days when I have dead skin on my lips, lipstick application looks uggo ugly.

I deal with such problems with only two products – well technically three, but the other one has the same function.

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T to B: Berry Delicious Lip Scrub, LUSH The Kiss Lip Scrub,and Berry Delicious Lip Treatment

The first two products are lip exfoliators. One from LUSH and another from Etude House.


LUSH ‘The Kiss’ Lip Scrub

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I’ve used the one from LUSH before and I love it. Unfortunately I finished mine some time last year, and had to buy the one from Etude House as a substitute. The LUSH lip scrub is easy to use. It’s made of sugar and olive oil and it smells great!

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All you have to do is wet your lips with water or lip balm scrub it with the lip scrub, and you’re done! Instead of wiping it off, you can lick it off!

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Etude Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub

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The Etude Lip Scrub is made of sugar, strawberry seeds, and shaved walnut shells mixed into balm.

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It’s fairly easy to use but the difference is that you don’t need to wet your lips before using it. You can just apply a small amount and scrub it against your lips until the surface is smooth.

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I picked this up in Malaysia last year for RM 55 only. At the time, this was on sale. The sale was if I got one of these, I get to have another one product from this same line for free. The salesgirl was nice enough to let me know before making my final purchase, so I went back to get the second product for lip care which is a ‘lip treatment’.


Etude House Berry Delicious Lip Jam Treatment

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So the free lip treatment. I believe this is just a fancy name for lip balm. But what intrigued me was the fact that this line (Berry Delicious) actually has a lip balm in addition to a lip treatment and lip scrub.

I had to know what the difference was and got the lip treatment. I was disappointed because it was just lip balm. Even the packaging said so. Oh well, at least it was free.

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Though it was normal lip balm. It does feel like it moisturizes my lips with extra care. So I guess it’s an extra moisturizing lip balm.


So these are the only lip care products I use to keep my lips liquid lipstick ready!


Thanks for Reading, Until Next Time



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