DIDA Pt. II | Lipstick Review

When I first saw lip swatches of the newest shades from DIDA Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lip Cream (VLMC) line, I had only planned to purchase Dune, Pixie, and Lush. After much deliberation, I decided to buy them all except Sorbet because coral doesn’t suit me. Corals in general don’t suit me.

I was so happy to receive my lipsticks when they arrived because it came in a bigger parcel package! hahaha

Anyway, from the lightest to the darkest, the shades are:



It is the most muted shade of the entire collection. I presumed it might be too light because of the arm swatch I saw on their Instagram page. But in real life, it’s a beautiful muted dusty lilac. You can use this shade on a daily basis without drawing too much attention to yourself. But it still gives you a pop of colour! ;D



Anyone who knows me, know I don’t fancy pink lips all too much. However, this isn’t a ‘blasting-you-with-a-ray gun-look-at-me’ kind of pink. In fact, it’s a wearable everyday pink that gives you that adorable edge while still looking fab.



I love this colour. It’s definitely my top favourite out of the entire new line. It’s a wearable edgy but not too edgy shade that gives you that 90’s grunge brown that people are obsessed with trend-wise.

I believe this is going to be one of the best selling shades on Dida’s website.



When you first apply it, you will think ??? But when it dries down? It. Is. GORGEOUS. I will insert a dried down version of this colour later on, but for now, this is all I have. I’ve been watching a lot of Empire – the hit TV drama – recently so when I first heard this shade is called Cookie? I was like; YES, PLEASE. Because everyone and anyone who watches that show knows Cookie is the baddest female music producer who ever existed. With her headstrong personality, unwavering ambition and determined mind, she has her heart set on becoming America’s first family in music.

I honestly don’t know how to describe this colour at all.  I can only describe it as “The same colour as NYX’s Liquid Suede in ‘Downtown Beauty’ when it dries down”



A lot of companies have been releasing their own versions, their own shades, in the image of metals. Lime Crime, MAC, Colourpop, Beauty Bakerie, even NYX, and now DIDA Cosmetics. I never thought to get myself any sort of metallic anything. But I enjoy this brand so much. It’s made in Malaysia, made by Malaysians, the closest thing to a cousin for Bruneians. Hell, they are practically sibling nations. Supporting our nation’s sibling counterpart is a great thing. So I purchased these shades – the metals especially – as my support for their successful growing business.

I must objectively state though, this shade looks pretty nude on my in real life, it may look reflective and shiny and all, but in real life, on my skin tone, it looks shiny only. It does exude that ‘Coachella’ vibe like its name. So points for that!



I actually prefer Twilight over Coachella. It gives me this magical feeling. No, not because it has the same name as the film ‘Twilight’, twilight by definition is “the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon”. So yes, I do feel that way. So, the word Twilight –before the film- already has a sense of mystery and magic to it. And the colour? A gorgeous metal purple that defines all other magic-related colour. I feel as if, it must only be worn at night, especially when there is a full moon present. Sure, I can wear it during the day and it would still look bomb. Anywhere you wear this, you bring a secret that everybody wants to be in on.


I think this new line really extends from the original seven colours. It seems like they’re going to create every kind of colour under the sun! The formula is the same as the first line, but a lot more pigmented. Hooray for pigmentation!

An overall big thumbs up for the new line, I hope to see more and get more ;D

Thanks for Reading!



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