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Dida is a Malaysian cosmetics brand made by women for women. A high quality and affordable product created to benefit women by empowering confidence and self-esteem through beauty.

Currently, their brand only produces lip creams.There are seven shades in total and I have purchased four out of seven because the other three is sold out. From the lightest to the darkest, the shades are: Flirt, Hollywood, Lust, Scandal, Tango, Posh, and Fondue.

Each shade is RM45 with free shipping nationwide for orders over RM100. Unfortunately, they do not provide international shipping yet.

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Without further ado, here are hand and lip swatches and an honest review of each Dida Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lip Creams (VMLC).

(Note: The website does not provide colour description of the lip creams. So I’m going to have to eyeball it and describe it the way beauty Youtubers do)

Hand Swatches:



The shades I bought are:


So this shade – I would say – is a light beige nude with some hints of pink. The one I got was probably an old stock because the applicator wand is flat whereas the other three is doe foot. (And according to Malaysian Beauty Youtuber Farisafrina, when she first got it, it was flat) [Note: this was when the product was in it’s early release stage].


2016-10-08 11.30.33 1.jpg

2016-10-08 02.24.57 1.jpg
Flat Applicator



I adore this shade. It’s actually my favourite of the four because it’s a wearable everyday pinky-nude shade. It makes you look fab without trying too hard. (<3)

Despite being called a lip cream, the formula is quite runny and dries to a complete matte.


The reason I bought this colour was because I wanted to have the entire collection. When the word tango comes to mind, I immediately think of the style of dance and that popular phrase used to death in many TV shows and films; “It takes two to tango”. The colour is simply orange. There really is no other way to describe it other than just orange.


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And when it dries, perhaps with a hint of fire? That is, it looks like fire red-ish kind of orange.

2016-10-08 02.25.00 1.jpg
Doe Foot Applicator


However, inhibition is what prevents mankind from moving forward. If I’m ever going to be the fabulous version of Albert Einstein, I am going to need to let my inhibition towards bold lip colours crumble and learn to apply it and wear it with confidence.

(Update: The more I wear the colour, the more I fall in love with it)


Posh is one of those words I never find myself using on a daily basis. It’s a striking deep red without any hidden undertones. It is if anything, a true confident red shade. It’s the kind of red you would wear when exuding power and confidence without the aura of aloofness hanging over your shoulders.

Processed with VSCO
In pictures, it looks a lot lighter as opposed to real life. If you ever catch me wearing Posh in public, it looks like I’m wearing confidence. But in pictures, it looks like I kissed a newly budded rose.

My doe foot applicator on this shade is a tad wonky, but does the job so no complaints here.

2016-10-08 02.24.58 1.jpg
Wonky Doe Foot Applicator


I’ve been looking for a good straight-to-the-point brown lip colour for weeks now. I asked one of my friends to buy me a brown lipstick from a certain brand because from reviews and online pictures it looks brown enough but in real life after wearing it, it turns red and I detest it.

I just want an uncomplicated brown lip colour. Is that too much to ask for? Almost all the lipsticks, lip creams, liquid lipsticks from NYX have browns with some extra colour as an undertone. Which annoys me to the brink.

2016-10-08 11.29.59 1.jpg

After I placed my order for this shade, I’ve been comtemplating, hoping, praying this colour has absolutely no red undertones to it. I am literally so sick of red undertones in brown. If I wanted red, I would buy a red lipstick period.

Happily enough, when I looked at the beautiful clear plastic DIDA VMLC bottle, it was brown enough. And when I applied it? It was brown. Just brown. I was sooo happy I couldn’t believe I actually own a brown lipstick. It was perfection itself.


Out of four I purchased, only one had a ‘velvet’ cream texture whereas everything else was a little too liquid. It’s not a bad aspect depending how you feel about brand marketing.

It’s quite drying but easily removable with an oil based make up remover. You can use vaseline to remove it rather than actually buying an oil based make up remover.

I honestly love all the colours, and surprisingly Tango too after using it frequently. The colours actually dry darker once it’s settled onto my lips. Always exfoliate and apply lipbalm to your lips before applying any liquid or lip cream lipstick.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset
L to R: Flirt, Tango, Posh, and Fondue.

I personally recommend Fondue to anyone looking for a very affordable alternative to True Brown K.

Thanks for Reading!

What liquid lipstick brand do you like?
What brand should I try next?
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