VELVET VANITY Liquid Lipstick | Lipstick Review

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Too many sunrises had passed and too many moons have fallen. It was high time I return to the world of blogging to release the anguish that had been growing in the pits of my soul.

And that is a lipstick review.

I’ve been meaning to write up a lipstick review for the longest time. But most of the time, I don’t know which lipsticks to swatch and review. So, time had passed over the opportunity to write up a review for a lip swatch and it came to a point where I decided not to.

Until now.

Introducing my first ever lipstick review post about Velvet Vanity!

Velvet Vanity is a 100% vegan and cruelty free Malaysian brand of liquid lipsticks. Quite recently, they had a fixed two liquid lipstick bundle for RM99. And because I have been following this brand for a while now, I jumped at the opportunity to steal some sales.

Note: One liquid lipstick is RM59 excluding shipping. Orders above RM100 gets free shipping (I’m not too sure if it’s nationwide or international)

The package arrived a week after placing my order. When I first opened it, confetti spilled out because I opened it upside down. The packaging is off the bat cute and stylish. It’s bottle has a similar shape to Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick and DOSE of Colour. There was even a little note with a flirtatious greeting;

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There are three shades in their collection so far. From the lightest to the darkest is Libra Baby, Slamberry, and Blood Wasted. The bundled shades are Libra Baby and Blood Wasted. I wanted to get Slamberry too since I’ve already added the bundle, I thought I might as well get the last shade. Unfortunately, it was out of stock *sad face*. No matter, I will persevere! two out of three is better than nothing.

Libra Baby

It is described as a “cool toned pink beige”. Of which I must agree.

To be quite frank, I don’t fancy pink lipstick as it makes my whole face look  a lot tanner than it already is. But, I fell in love with this shade. It makes me look feminine – not to say I exude masculinity. It makes my facial expression soft and sweet.

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I usually buy shades that are a neutral to deep mauve and recently (as I like to call it) a ‘frostbitten red’ shade. I choose ‘safe’ shades. The kind of shades that don’t stand out, and blends well with my skin tone. So much so, it looks natural.

So, it was a revelation that I enjoy wearing this shade with a proud smile. I’ve never loved a pink lipstick (let alone liquid lipstick) as much as I love this one. And I’m sure I will be purchasing this shade again.



Blood Wasted

This shade is described as “The deepest red for the dark lips fan”

This shade is quite vampy. I don’t usually opt for vamp colours, but from pictures I’ve seen, it looks like a forgiving red shade. When I wore it, it definitely is a vamp red colour, but I don’t hate it. On camera, it looks like a beautiful deep red. In real life, it looks – as the name implies – like blood. I guess if a shade is named after one of the darkest reds, I shouldn’t be surprised it looks like blood. But I was surprised, I don’t know why.

Though it’s called ‘Blood’ Wasted, it has some purple undertones. When I wore this earlier, it was definitely a deep red, but when I wiped it off, some deep purples came off instead. Almost no red was present. Strange indeed.

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All in all, I definitely love this shade. It makes me look quite mature, i.e. someone to be taken seriously. It gives off this sense of power and control. It enables confidence upon the wearer and I admire that.

A small downside though, it goes on just a tad bit patchy, but other than that. A perfect liquid lipstick.

Processed with VSCO


These liquid lipsticks – like all liquid lipsticks – are watery. The shades come out  bright when first applied, and as it dries, the shades settle down to a muted deeper colour. I.e. the colours in the bottle. Oh, and it smells like sweet chocolate. The smell isn’t overwhelming, so enjoy inhaling to that sweet, sweet scent of delicateness.

It’s super-duper light and comfortable on the lips, except when I didn’t wear lip balm… always wear lip balm. And always exfoliate your lips before putting on any liquid lipsticks or lip creams. Your lips will love you for it.

An amazing liquid lipstick. I hope they come out with more shades in the future, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Slamberry once it’s restocked!

Thanks for Reading!

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