Zootopia (2016) | Movie Review

Zootopia is one of the many films I look forward to watching this year. And because it’s a Disney film, expectations were (obviously) high. I’ve only watched one teaser trailer, and one actual full length trailer. I don’t want too much to be given away otherwise, what’s the point of even watching the film except for the ending?

Okay, before I talk about the film, I’d like to point out how aggressively annoyed I am with trailers in this time. They give out way too many trailers and way too much information about the film. I for one would like only one trailer released. That way, it keeps us movie enthusiasts guessing what the plot is, what the twist is etc. Trailers these days release practically everything except the ending. Literally, The other day, I was in the cinema about to watch a film and up pops out a Batman V Superman trailer. Yes, I look forward to that movie too, and all of a sudden, there’s a monster?! And Wonder Woman?! I had no idea what the movie was going to be about and now I find out there’s some man made or other monster and Wonder Woman will be in it. Like, I seriously had no idea she was going to be in it! And once again, a movie trailer takes that excitement away from me, thanks.

Anyway, back to the main topic. The most recent Disney Animated film released was Big Hero 6, now the reason I don’t count The Good Dinosaur as a Disney film is because though produced by Disney, the story was purely from Pixar Animation Studios, not Disney Animation Studios. Like Age of Ultron, you would count that as a Marvel film, not a Disney film, although Disney bought Marvel.

In a stream of Disney Animated films, Disney is on a roll for great plots and tear jerking screenplay. Each film topping the last, and Zootopia is one of the most recent Disney film I believe gave a powerful and unforgettable message for our generation and to society as a whole.

Ambitious country bunny, Judy Hopps, wants to make the world a better place. She believes becoming a police officer in the Zootopia Police Department (ZPD) will give her the strength and opportunity to do so.

Zootopia’s motto is “Where anyone can be anything”. It implies a free world and a range of opportunities regardless of animal type like predator and prey, Zootopia holds no prejudice for animal type.

It didn’t until news of only predators are reverting back to their ‘savage’ ways due to their biology according to evidence Judy Hopps discovered while on a 48 hour time limit to find missing mammal, Emmit Otterton, but ended up finding all 14 missing predators. Fear was overwhelming citizens of Zootopia, and it has made preys wary of predator friends or colleagues.

In one scene, a tiger is seen boarding a train, he seats himself on a vacant space near a bunny and her mother. The bunny’s mother pulled her closer to her body. Preys make preconceived judgement of predators because of how they are portrayed in the news and media.

What I really enjoy and respect about this film is the important fable it teaches children, and remind us as adults, that prejudice and stereotypes should not cloud our judgement and subconsciously affect our decision when it comes to people of colour because of how they are portrayed in the media.

This movie allow children to believe, and remind adults, that anyone can be anything in a utopia that does not judge you based on the colour of your skin, but who you are as a human being, and a member of society.

“Do not let fear divide us” 

Thanks for reading!



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