The Finest Hours (2016) | Movie Review

In film, you will find yourself relating to characters or empathizing with their situation in metaphors and symbolism. At times you applaud the way a film was directed, how the story was played out, how the characters bought you, the dialogue, the passion, the belief.

But in most cases, when the screen fades into black, and the credits start rolling, we find ourselves inspired.

Inspired to write, inspired to create, inspired to act on, inspired to live.

I’ve just watched (personal view) The Finest Hour and I believe it to be one of the most inspiring true story I’ve seen come to life on the silver screen. The story of the SS Pendleton tank split into two resulting from a massive storm trapping more than 30 sailors inside. Time was of the essence as engineer Ray Sybert takes lead in orchestrating a survival plan to keep their tank afloat in the middle of the dangerous storm to allow the tank to stay up long enough for a rescue party to find them.

A small rescue boat lead by Bernie Webber took place ordered by Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff.

A survival tale over dangerous storms and deathly waves, to work together to stay alive, a tale to not give up hope even in their last hours of life.

I found the story truly inspiring and tear jerking for the most part.

The story of survival. To never give up even when the future seems bleak. The fact that those sailors kept going, even though they might die during the storm. The fact that Bernie Webber didn’t turn back when the storm became deadly, and even when during the storm, he had lost his compass! (true fact). So his crew didn’t have anything to navigate them to find the SS Pendleton nor a way back home!

He didn’t give up on those survivors, he didn’t show any sign of abandoning those he knew were still alive somewhere in desperate need of rescuing.

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s truly beautiful, and you should definitely watch it to understand why I’m so emotional about this.

Trust me, it’s worth your time, and your money. Because I’d like to reiterate, this is based on a true story.  This event did happen. And the fact that it happened made it even more important to watch.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will watch this film and feel inspired too.



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