Chinatown Adventure!

About two Saturdays ago, a friend of mine and I went to Chinatown to admire the lanterns that were put up for the Mid Autumn Festival. As suggested by my fellow blogger, exploresgwithbella, we decided to go.

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My, was it an experience, walking down the busy streets not knowing where we might end up. Passing so many beautifully colored buildings, listening to diverse music from various stores.

It was riveting, exploring an unfamiliar place with nothing but my guts and a friend. And of course, my trusty phone for pictures. Chinatown was not what I had expected. I had anticipated a smaller and more Chinese-esque kind of feel. Sure, I got that but what I couldn’t shake off that Singaporean feel while I was there.

I believe exploring new places is always a good thing as long as you have Maps and an experienced friend to come along with.

Thanks for reading!

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