Para Hoy | For Today

Back there - in Singapore - I would utilize my time. Utilizing it in the most productive sense is not what I meant. Utilizing as in, waking up at six in the morning only to realize I have about three more hours before class starts, so I decide to go to Harbourfront to take one … Continue reading Para Hoy | For Today


My First DSLR

As an aspiring journalist and blogger, I felt that as important as it is to practice writing on a daily basis and keep my mind wandering and as inspired as possible, I felt the need to invest in a good quality DSLR to complete the journalistic ambition. Over the past few weeks or so, I've … Continue reading My First DSLR

Turning Left

I haven't been going out a lot recently, mainly because I've been focusing on my one examination in Marketing. So, I haven't visited any new places yet. Today, my friend and I decided to eat at our favorite restaurant/cafe; I Am... Cafe, located at Haji Lane in Bugis. After we had our fill, I wanted to … Continue reading Turning Left

Review | VSCO Alchemy Collection

A couple of months ago, the Alchemy Collection came out on VSCO Cam. I am an avid VSCO Cam user and I have shamelessly bought all filters available. The Alchemy Collection is the latest installment to my knowledge and after browsing the filter options, I decided to purchase this one. Unfortunately, I did not have enough … Continue reading Review | VSCO Alchemy Collection

Chinatown Adventure!

About two Saturdays ago, a friend of mine and I went to Chinatown to admire the lanterns that were put up for the Mid Autumn Festival. As suggested by my fellow blogger, exploresgwithbella, we decided to go.       My, was it an experience, walking down the busy streets not knowing where we might … Continue reading Chinatown Adventure!